Previous exhibitions

Little Man Your Time Has Arrived
by Paul Kondras
Impressions, fragments, memories of places. How often has one seen an oddity, a surprise, an idea only for it to dissolve in the memory and be forgotten? At The Hothouse, Morecambe 13/01/18 - March '18
Lighthouses and Fishing Nets
by Jill Wignall
Work on a nautical theme featuring the illustrated stories of a fishing family on the River Lune. Lancaster artist, Jill Wignall, The works illustrate stories Jill has been told by Bob Parkinson. Bob’s stories, about growing up in a fishing family who also tended to two lighthouses, come to life through Jill’s drawings, paintings, textiles and embroideries. At the Stone Jetty Cafe, Morecambe, July 2017
MAC Auction
Group Show
An auction in aid of The Stone Jetty Cafe - home of many MAC exhibitions following a break-in. Held at Brucciani's Cafe, Morecambe. Free entry
New Paintings
by Kriss Foster
A collection of new paintings by artist, musician and comedian Kriss Foster. Don't miss the opening soiree afternoon with tea and ice creams, Friday 01/09/17, 4-5pm. At Brucciani's Cafe, Morecambe. Free entry